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A community dedicated to a life & biz brimming with magic by utilizing the Enneagram to GROW.

Enneagram Boss Clubhouse

We want it for ourselves and we want it for you: A LIFE & BUSINESS FILLED TO THE BRIM with magic.

Through our business, Brimworthy, we have been growing "heartups" for over a decade and we are so excited to transform into the heartup ourself! 

The Brimworthy Community is a member led community for collaborative learning where us intentional founders can connect through the Enneagram, share our experiences, learn from each other, and GROW. We can't wait to not only teach all things growth, but also like you, share our highs and lows, forge new relationships that turn into friendships, joint ventures, and everything in between.  You shape this space and we curate it based on what YOU need. 

We know firsthand how lonely being being an entrepreneur can be. You're listening to podcasts, reading books, trying to figure out the right questions to ask, and just generally trying to fill the roles of 10 people to take your idea from this to that and trying to still sleep and enjoy your life at the same time. It's exhausting. But we want to be the place you go that is FOR YOU. No boring marketing education here, we are here to fill your soul and support you in your beautiful transformation to the whole version of yourself. You are a boss but you are a human first! If you just read this and heard tiny choir in your mind singing "Amen, preach!", the Brimworthy community is for you!

And you'd think with all of the information out there on how to thrive in life and grow a business we'd all be problem free billionaires right now, right? 

But what's missing, and I'm sure what led you here, is the soul. Everyone is trying to talk to everyone but we are all unique and somehow still so connected and similar. 

There is a ton of information on the internet about the Enneagram but most isn't intentional nor is it interactive. So many times when I first started learning about the enneagram I wanted to talk with other people of my type but it was almost impossible to find them anywhere online for quick immediate chats, let alone others chasing down dreams as big I am. 

This member-led community is here to allow you to connect daily with other like minded dreamers (of your type and the rest!) looking to do the self-exploration necessary to truly GROW into the full versions of themselves and use their magic to create lasting beautiful impact on this world. 

Join us for the first FUN and action oriented Enneagram community. Let's grow together!

Your business and life are worthy of filling to the brim with goodness. There is no limit to the amazing things you can create only opportunity to overflow into the world and make it spectacular.  

What will you get here?

-An amazing member led community of growth minded entrepreneurs just like you!

-First access to & discounts on exclusive experts courses and aligned masterminds!

-Dedicated distraction free chat space for intentional networking and amazing collaboration with people who are DOING the things instead of just THINKING about doing the things. Take it a step further and talk 

-Monthly live lessons and Q&A with a Certified Enneagram Coach. 

-So much more exciting stuff we could just burst.

Is this for me?

Are you burning out but freaking stoked to have fun glowing up instead using the Enneagram? We gotchu.

Have you wanted to truly talk to someone and know that they GET IT. Like truly get it? Have a sounding board for your ideas with people who see the world like you do and then see how other people view it so you can communicate clearly?  We gotchu.

Do you want to have a happy place to chat about the enneagram with other people who really want to or won't roll their eyes? We gotchu.

Your life and work are all YOUR LIFE. Show up for yourself and for others as your authentic self and watch your world transform and your heart glow even when your going through IT. Dream chasers, I know you know what IT is. We gotchu.

Do you believe in a higher power but instead are trying to do everything alone is freaking draining your beautiful soul out?

Are you tired of the same stereotype based enneagram education being pushed on instagram and want to really go deep and chat with Enneagram experts to make the most of this magical tool? We gotchu.

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